Field Laptops

What is a Field Laptop?

A field laptop or tablet is a device that’s rated for fieldwork, whether you’re looking for a rugged device to help you in extreme situations, or if you need it to withstand the elements where traditional consumer-grade devices won’t cut it.

These laptops and tablets are the perfect solution, built for everyone looking to get the job done right while keeping up with information or complete data transfers.

First responders, law enforcement officers, maintenance and service technicians, and scientists can all utilize this technology to save lives, collect data, and keep them connected to time-sensitive information.

A Selection of Top Field Laptops and Tablets

Ultimate Guide to Field Work Laptops and Tablets

Affinity is the top choice for fieldwork laptops and tablets as an authorized retailer for several major brands. We are also available by phone or email if you need assistance in selecting the right product for your specific needs.

Most field devices come with a certain range of features, like sunlight-adaptive brightness displays and multi-touch responsive LCD touchscreens. Extended battery life and optional upgrades for additional batteries, or even hot-swappable batteries will keep you online for as long as you need without connecting to a power source.

Another benefit of rugged devices for fieldwork is their ability to withstand impact, extreme temperatures, and many other rough conditions such as sand, humidity, and salt.

Considerations for Purchasing a Field Laptop

When purchasing your field laptop, it’s important to consider a couple of things. First, you’ll need to assess the level of durability you need, and any certification guidelines provided by your company. Next, you’ll want to consider performance and size, weight, and power supply.

Durability – What conditions do you need the laptop to withstand? Different devices are rated for different types of durability, from impact ruggedness to salt, fog, sand, wind, submersion, and much more.

Certification Guidelines – Certification guidelines can help you better understand how the device is rated, and its prospective ruggedness. For example, you might need a military-grade rating to bring the device into hostile territory, or you might only need something rated for certain conditions.

Size – The size considerations should not only include the screen size, which is measured diagonally, but also the dimensions of the full device, including any battery or server add-ons. Too small, and it will be difficult to use, but too large, and you may have trouble with keeping the machinery portable.

Weight – The weight and size of a machine can tell you a lot about the portability of the laptop or tablet. If you’re planning to mount the device to your vehicle, then a larger and heavier laptop might make sense. If you need to carry your device into the rainforest, or may need it in a hostile zone, it’s important to have something small enough to comfortably carry, and light enough to not interfere with your mobility.

Power Supply – How long do you need the laptop to run before you swap batteries? With some field laptops, the batteries are even hot swappable, allowing you to switch the batteries out without turning off the device, as well as provide space for backup batteries that it will automatically switch to in case one begins to run out.

Choosing the Best Laptop for Field Work

It can be difficult to determine which laptop is considered the best for fieldwork, and the answer may change depending on the conditions of your workplace.

For example, telecommunications specialists may have different field requirements than first responders, while military professionals will have different needs than field researchers. While it’s important to remember that fieldwork can bring a lot of unknown conditions, your profession will also determine the type of conditions you are more commonly exposed to.

For assisted choices, Affinity can help you select the right product for your needs by selecting devices with the right specifications within your budget.

Why Getac?

Getac is the top rugged brand in tough computing, giving you access to technology that is built to withstand harsh conditions and the elements alike, while everyday computers seem to get flimsier and flimsier.

In the field, quick access to information and the ability to withstand extreme conditions is not just a necessity, but it could mean the difference between life and death.

With these hazardous situations in mind, Getac backs all their fully rugged products with multi-year bumper-to-bumper warranties, as well as a service guarantee for any necessary repair work. Everything from the chassis up is built with ruggedness and fast processing in hazardous conditions in mind.

Can You Mount Field Laptops in Your Vehicle?

Yes, you can mount field laptops in your vehicle with specialized vehicle mounts. These mounts are typically used with rugged computing and will be compatible with all other devices from Getac. These mounts provide a safe way for users to use their device with an ergonomic design, without restricting their ability to perform other critical tasks in the moment.

While the laws differ in various states, commercial vehicles are allowed to mount laptops in their vehicles, but must be used for work purposes, and distracted driving or hands-free laws may still apply when the device is used in motion.

Are Rugged Laptops Worth It?

Yes, rugged laptops are a worthwhile purchase for the field researcher, military operations specialist, or first responder. No matter what profession brings you into the field, you’ll be glad to have a device nearby that can withstand all the tough conditions that you can. Even if those conditions are uncommon, it’s important to be prepared and able to communicate or transmit information at a moment’s notice.

No matter what the world throws at you, you’ll be ready to handle it with rugged fieldwork laptops and tablets from Getac. As your authorized retailer of rugged devices, Affinity can help you choose a device that meets your needs.

What is the Best, Most Durable Laptop from Affinity?

Every rugged fieldwork device is built with durability in mind. It’s all about what you need in your day-to-day.

With Affinity, there are dozens of options to choose from. Let us know which specifications provide the most protection for your needs and we’ll help you make the decision, or guide you towards a device that suits your needs without compromising your budget.

Models for Field Service Workers and Technicians

At Affinity, we are dedicated to helping you select a device that works for you, no matter your situation or the possible scenarios you encounter. We provide everything from military-grade field laptops and tablets that can withstand the hostile conditions you do, to scientific equipment that needs to perform under just as much stress, wind, and rain as your field station.

No matter the conditions you endure, we understand that you need a laptop that you can rely on in the field. From first responders to military operations and scientific data collection, these field laptops are ready to take on what the world has to throw at it. With additional battery pack options for limitless up-time and protected parts built from the chassis up, we don’t talk about reliability lightly.

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best. As one of the defining brands of rugged computing, Getac lives up to its reputation.

Affinity Enterprises is proud to be an authorized partner reseller, providing customers with a retail source for their rugged computing needs. With headquarters in the United States, we are happy to provide prompt responses and flexible support no matter what you need.

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