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Affinity has helped hundreds of customers by providing world-class, best-fit technology solutions that meet their unique application requirements. We understand the constant need to juggle competing priorities and can recommend hardware that best suits your job needs.

We help people find the right technology to get the job done in the following industries:

State and Local Government

technology solutions for state and local governments, flagWe work with state and local governments to keep things running smoothly and efficiently for the government workers, entities, and taxpayers. State and local governments have a tremendous responsibility to provide services for their growing communities, including the added challenges of mobility, multi-platform collaboration, compliance, cyber threats, and limited resources.

  • Mobility and collaboration for improved productivity and decision making
  • Enhanced security measures to protect information and prevent attacks
  • Hardware and software as a service, providing financial flexibility with value

Education (K-12 and Higher Education)

technology solutions for educationStudents are relying more and more on technology to accomplish their academic goals. We equip schools with the best hardware to keep students and teachers performing at peak level. We work with local school districts as well as colleges and universities, and both come with a unique set of challenges. Our expertise has helped numerous organizations find the right fit for their classrooms.

  • Hardware and software as a service, fitting into tight budgets of education organizations
  • Security solutions centered around student and instructor safety

Public Safety: Police, Fire, EMS

technology solutions for law enforcementFor police, firefighters, ambulances, and other first responders, technology that is too slow or fails to operate can be the difference between life and death.

  • Durable and rugged tablets and laptops to withstand bumps, drops, spills, equipped with 4G LTE and GPS
  • Data and analytics to drive the best possible care
  • IT security solutions to prevent and detect attacks


technology for healthcare industryMany healthcare organizations are using some form of rugged computing that can withstand biohazardous material and abrasive cleaning liquids. Hospitals are protecting sensitive patient data more seriously than ever through a complex series of security measures.

  • Improved patient examinations and consultations
  • Enhanced mobility and collaboration to expand patient engagement at the point of care, improve clinician productivity, and achieve cost efficiencies
  • Modernized data security to protect patients’ private information; HIPAA Compliant

Industrial Manufacturing

manufacturing technology solutionsEngineers need computers sturdy enough to handle their 3D renderings and designs, managers need to effectively communicate new strategies and processes with their teams, and it all has to run on a secure network. We work with manufacturing companies to ensure their work and productivity is not interrupted by hardware issues.

  • Mobile products to allow for inspection, testing, and communication in any location
  • Rugged solutions to handle a variety of conditions
  • Increased computing ability to handle large engineering applications
  • Enhanced security to reduce downtime
  • Barcode and RFID data collection

Energy and Environment

technology solutions for the energy industryIn an industry that never sleeps, our hardware stays constant. There is no room for error, mistakes, or downtime in the energy and environment industry. We work with a number of power, electric, gas, oil, and fuel companies to ensure their operations, and outcomes, run smoothly for all the people using them.

  • Increased protection of the security of systems, networks, and the power grid
  • Enhanced security measures to detect and defend against cyber attacks
  • Mobile and rugged solutions to bring your work anywhere

Transport and Logistics

technology for logisticsGetting people and products from one destination to another safely, swiftly, and accurately is an orchestrated effort involving complex, multi-layered environments and the integration of multiple data streams and logistical tasks to effectively move through those environments. Bus, plane, truck, train, or forklift. Business or pleasure. Rugged mobile solutions  give you durable, powerful, secure technologies that enable maximum working capabilities on the go.

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