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Rugged Tablet

Durability Meets Mobility

From warehousing and work orders to keeping law enforcement connected while in the field, you need to be able to trust your rugged tablets for any industrial applications you put them through.

Ranging from tactical to medical to wearable, rugged tablets go wherever you do and provide best in class battery life, widescreen displays, industry-leading security, seamless connectivity, and a comfortable grip. Getac offers tablets suited to fit zone 0, critical, or medical environments.

Getac backs their fully rugged tablets with a standard 3 or 5-year bumper to bumper warranty.

Rugged Windows & Android Tablets

Rugged industrial tablet computers are strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling. The operating conditions specified for a rugged device indicate its level of ruggedness. Operating conditions include operating and storage temperature, maximum operating and storage altitude, and relative humidity. Only Getac manufactures rugged tablets down to the chassis. Several of their tablets have been engineered to survive drops, shocks, rain, vibration, dust, liquid and more.

Industrial Tablets Solutions

Built for extreme environments where you need the most versatility and connectivity, these industrial tablets are the best choice for a wide range of industries. Each tablet comes with built-in WiFi, 4G data connectivity, and GPS for field service management, construction, warehousing, and law enforcement services.

Able to withstand drops onto concrete from 4ft, these tablets redefine what it means to be rugged and durable.

A New Era of Productivity

Incorporating industrial tablets into your business’ workflow provides you with new possibilities for productivity. With rugged, military-rated housing to keep the tablet secure in all conditions, you can trust in these tablet’s versatility and lifetime.

Shatter and scratch-resistant touch screens ensure durability in even the toughest conditions, indoors and out. With easy-to-use interfaces on android systems, these tablets provide the benefit of being familiar to handle. This means less downtime and training time for employers, while making on-the-job applications straightforward and seamless for any individual.

Industries Served by Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets can be utilized in a variety of industries including State/Local Government, Education (K-12 and Higher Education), Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMS), Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Energy/Environment, and Transport/Logistics. Our rugged tablets offer several advantages in the field, from enhanced security measures to protect information and prevent attacks to increased computing ability to handle large engineering applications. We also feature both rugged Android and Windows tablets, letting you choose the operating system that makes the most sense for your application. The following list of industries cover the specific applications of rugged devices in more detail:

  • Agriculture – Collect and analyze soil samples, track livestock with RFID, manage farm inventory, run irrigation control systems and more.
  • Construction – Run projects from the build site, communicate real-time with central HQ, access blueprints without damaging, run analyses onsite enabling immediate direction and action based on results.
  • Environmental – Biologists, scientists and environmental consultants: Collect sea ice samples, use GPS data to accelerate triage of oil spill sites, inspect and monitor stormwater assets, etc.
  • Field Service – Schedule service calls, navigate with GPS, manage team schedules, update work orders, track inventory, enter time onsite, sync field measurements and meter readings in real-time.
  • Forestry – Cruise timber, navigate using dedicated GPS, map, image, report, and analyze data for wildlife surveying, silviculture, and forest management.
  • GIS/Mapping – Get more done while in the field. Gather and analyze GIS data, create maps, and communicate real-time even from remote locations.
  • Healthcare – Hospital staff, with patients, in the lab: Efficiently and securely collect, share, and monitor patient data. Move quickly, not worrying about shakes, vibrations, drops, shocks, cart crashes. Decontaminate and sterilize devices from patient to patient.
  • Industrial – Send data wirelessly in real-time, create reports and sync automatically with office technology, integrate with onsite machinery for status tracking, etc.
  • Logistics – Inventory, distribution, and supply chain management.
  • Manufacturing – Inspection, quality and inventory control, machinery maintenance, order tracking.
  • Mining – Streamline data management and operations: timekeeping, vehicle tracking, maintenance logging, supplies deliveries,real-time communications with those off-site. Perform in the face of vibrations, dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

Features of Our Rugged Industrial Tablets

Getac tablets offer several integrated features, helping them adapt to suit your needs:

  • MIL-STD 810H and IP65 certification
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Sunlight readable display
  • Large display options
  • Latest Intel® Core™ processors for superior speed
  • Detachable keyboards and multifunctional hard handles
  • RFID / magnetic strip readers
  • Industry leading bumper to bumper warranty

The Affinity Advantage

Affinity offers a full range of rugged computing and mobility solutions, including rugged devices, mounting solutions, rugged accessories. We partner with some of the best brands in the industry, such as Getac, Gamber Johnson, Havis, and Printek for premium quality hardware solutions that fit the needs of your organization. Every organization has its own unique characteristics when it comes to the use and implementation of technology. Affinity’s team of technology consultants will work with you to determine the best solution for your organization’s needs.

Do Rugged Tablets Run Common Operating Systems?

Yes, Getac industrial tablets do run common operating systems. This benefits employees who are looking for something familiar and easy to navigate, while cutting down on training time for employers.

Getac tablets are high-performing, running either Windows OS or Android OS depending on the tablet you choose. Tablets may run differently depending on these systems, as Android is considered a mobile-first operating system while Windows can run more desktop-type applications.

Typically, Android OS is chosen for its ability to interface easily as a mobile device, creating a more streamlined experience for users.

Are There Options for Processors, Memory, and Storage?

Each line is purpose-built for different needs, ensuring you have the features you need such as long battery life, sunlight-readable displays, and durable touchscreens.

Beyond these features, there are multiple options for processors, memory, and storage with each model. These varying levels of specs ensure you have enough space to run the programs and store any necessary data while on the job, while keeping initial up-front costs as low as possible.

Are They Tested for Durability?

Yes, every model is tested for durability standards before it is released. Getac tablets are considered the name brand for rugged computing needs, providing users with everything they need in all conditions – with the computing power to get the job done quickly. MIL-STD 810H and IP65 certified with hot-swappable batteries ensures you are always online.

These products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions without failing to keep you connected. With adaptable integrated features, you choose what you need from your industrial tablets and get to work.

Difficult jobs come with a lot of unknown conditions, which is why each tablet is covered by a 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. This will give you peace of mind and less downtime if anything goes wrong.

Each model is designed down to the chassis to withstand the most rugged conditions, and Getac stands by their product every step of the way. This warranty covers all major system components, accidental damage, and provides repairs by expert technicians with original production parts so you are always covered.

Authorized Partner Reseller

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. As one of the defining brands of rugged computing, Getac lives up to its reputation.

Affinity Enterprises is proud to be an authorized partner reseller, providing customers with a retail source for their rugged computing needs. With headquarters in the United States, we are happy to provide prompt responses and flexible support no matter what you need.

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