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Ultimate Guide to Field Tablets

When working in any type of field service work, the demands placed on the technology you rely on are significantly higher than in a typical office setting.

Field tablets must be rugged and able to withstand a variety of challenging environments, from extreme weather conditions to potential drops and impacts.

This is where Getac tablets, available through Affinity, stand out as a premier choice. Getac tablets are designed with durability at their core. These devices are built to meet, and often exceed, military-grade standards for ruggedness. This means they can withstand drops, shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. Most Getac models are at a minimum  IP65 rated, ensuring they are dustproof and can handle wet conditions, making them suitable for use in various outdoor conditions.


A Selection of Top Field Tablets

What is the Best Tablet for Field Service Work?

For field service professionals, performance is non-negotiable. Getac tablets are equipped with powerful processors, ample RAM, and robust storage options, ensuring smooth operation of complex applications.

The battery life on these tablets is exceptional, with options for hot-swappable batteries in some models, ensuring uninterrupted work in the field. Additionally, Getac understands that their rugged tablets are something that many field service workers rely on to keep them informed and safe in a wide variety of conditions.

Because of this, Getac offers several customization options. These range from barcode scanners to RFID readers, aligning the device capabilities with specific industry needs. A range of accessories like vehicle docks and hard handles are available, enhancing the functionality and portability of the tablets.

Getac’s range of field tablets stand out as the best choice for field service work. Their unparalleled durability, superior performance, and versatile connectivity options make them an ideal companion for professionals who require a reliable and efficient tool in demanding field environments. These tablets not only exceed the basic requirements of ruggedness and operational efficiency, but also offer additional features that enhance productivity and user experience in the field.

For pre-sales support to match you with the perfect tablet, get in touch with Affinity today. We can help you select the right features for your needs.

Considerations When Buying a Field Tablet

When you’re in the market for a field tablet, several factors are critical in ensuring you make the right choice. First and foremost, durability and environmental resistance are key factors. Field tablets offered by Getac are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and rough handling. The rugged build of these devices ensures they can endure the rigors of fieldwork without compromising functionality.

Another crucial element is performance. You need a device that is as strong as you are. They need to be powerful enough to handle a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. This includes processing speed, memory capacity, and storage space. Getac’s field tablets are equipped with high-performance processors and ample memory, ensuring smooth operation even with demanding applications.

Can I Mount My Field Tablet in My Vehicle?

Yes, you can mount Getac field tablets in your vehicle. Every one of the tablets sold by Affinity are designed with this type of flexibility in mind. With Getac’s robust mounting systems, you can rely on the device’s security, even in rough driving conditions.

Is a Tablet or Laptop Better for Field Service Work?

The choice between a tablet and a laptop for field service work depends largely on the specific needs of the job. Tablets are generally more portable and easier to handle in mobile situations. They may also be lighter, depending on the model and any customizations.

Furthermore, tablets are particularly beneficial for work that requires mobility, such as inspections or data collection in the field. The touchscreens offer an intuitive interface, and their lightweight design makes them easy to carry around.

Laptops, on the other hand, might be preferable for tasks that require more extensive data processing or typing. They typically have larger screens and a full keyboard, which can be beneficial for detailed reports or extensive data entry.

Does Getac Offer a Warranty on Field Tablets?

With a comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty on all devices, Getac offers their customers a phenomenal warranty that provides customers with a high level of assurance and support from troubleshooting to spare parts and secure repair work. Their warranty shows they truly stand behind their products.

What Are Rugged Field Tablets Used For?

In public safety and emergency services, responders rely on these rugged field tablets for quick access to critical information and communication.

Whether it’s for EMS, fire services, or law enforcement, these tablets provide reliable performance in emergencies, where conditions can be unpredictable and response time is critical. The durability of these devices ensures functionality in various scenarios, from extreme weather conditions to the chaotic environments of emergency response.

In military and defense applications, field tablets offer the durability and security needed for operations in demanding and often hostile environments.

Their robust build protects against shock, vibration, and even electromagnetic interference, which is crucial in sensitive military operations. Enhanced security features ensure the safe handling of confidential data, a non-negotiable requirement in these applications.

Field tablets may also be used in industries like construction, oil and gas, and mining, where they are essential due to their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. These environments often involve exposure to extreme temperatures, dust, water, and the potential for drops or impacts.

Rugged tablets are built to endure these challenges, ensuring that workers can maintain productivity without worrying about damaging their devices.

Environmental and agricultural sectors also leverage rugged tablets for data collection and analysis in the field. These devices can handle the outdoor elements, from direct sunlight to rain, providing farmers and environmental scientists with a reliable tool for their fieldwork.

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As a premium partner and reseller of Getac products, Affinity offers comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales support to help you choose the perfect product, or assist you in integrating your new product into your job. This includes warranty services, technical support, and repair services. Partner with us to find the field tablet most suited to your application.

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