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A Certified Woman Owned Company

Professional Services

Local, State & Government Agencies

As an HP authorized reseller, Affinity Enterprises and HP provide the expertise and solutions for the public sector.

Service Offerings

  • Virtual Client Solutions
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Management Solutions
  • IT Consolidation
  • Business Continuity and Availability
  • End User Workplace Solutions
  • Planning and Assessments
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Funding Proposal Assistance
  • Problem Solving
  • Organizational Planning
  • Management Planning Services
  • Project Management

Affinity Enterprises works with the HP service professionals to understand our client's needs and propose the best solution. Details on the offerings can be found at Welcome.hp.com

K-12 Higher Education


Affinity Enterprises will translate your technology needs into practical solutions. Affinity Enterprise's design experience covers such things as LAN's, WAN's, Voice, Data, Video, and Wireless applications. Designs change along with the appropriate technology solutions and Affinity Enterprises experienced staff will provide the expertise necessary to provide state of the art solutions for your organization.


Affinity Enterprises will make sure all avenues for funding are explored for possible financial support. Grants, Federal (E-rate) and State Funding, and local corporation sponsorship will be investigated. Affinity Enterprises will provide the consulting and administrative resources to help secure available funding.


Affinity Enterprises will provide technology experts in each of the required disciplines. They will assist in the RFP creation process, vendor selection, and implementation of your chosen technology initiatives.


There is no cookie cutter solution for Technology in Education. Each school has its own unique and special characteristics when it comes to the use an implementation of technology. Whether it is for curriculum delivery or administrative applications, Affinity Enterprise will help create the most cost effective implementation.

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Affinity Enterprises LLC is a Certified Woman Owned company specializing in technology solutions (HP, Hitachi) and business consulting services in New York

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